Month: April 2018

How to Maintain Your Gaming Chair

When it comes to gaming chairs, most gamers are more interested about the features they have to offer, the durability and the comfort. However, it is also important to note that while getting a good gaming chair is crucial, it also needs to be maintained and kept in crisp condition. Racer Gaming Chairs reached out to me recently about writing an article about the ways a gamer should maintain his gaming chair for maximum useage. Here’s their suggestions:

Regular dust down

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Most gamers use their chairs for virtually anything. You might even have brought a bag of chips to munch on as you game away. Crumbles and dust work themselves into the gaps and crevices inside the chair. A proper dust down at least once every week using a soft cloth or a soft cleaning brush should help you get rid of this and keep your chair clean.

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In some instances, your chair might need deeper cleansing especially when there are spills. If you are considering a deeper cleanse, the first thing you should do is consider the material that has been used to cover the chair. If your chair’s manual has a guide on the products that can be used for cleaning the material that is even better. Make sure that you only use cleaning products that are compatible with the material. If you are not conversant with parts that need to removed and replaced after, you don’t have to remove them.

Check the base

If you have a pedestal chair that has a swivel or wheels, those will need some love too. There is a lot of dust and debris that finds its way into the casters and as time passes and the debris builds, it gets harder and harder for the wheels to move.

First, you will need to manually remove any hair, clumps or dirt that you can see. You might need a pair of gloves. After this, you can use a vacuum with the appropriate attachments to blow out any dirt or dirt that you can’t remove with your hands. Once everything looks great, you can give the casters and swivel a quick spray with a lubricant to reduce wear and tear and improve on the movement.

Tighten bolts and screws

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With the constant movement, bolts and screws are bound to get lose. Without regular maintenance, they could fall of and ultimately render your gaming paradise useless. Every once in a while you need to pick up a screwdriver and wrench and check to see if there are any lose bolts or screws. If there are there, tighten them up.

Lucky for you, there is not much that is required when maintaining your chair. It has few removable parts and the maintenance and cleaning process will only take you a couple of minutes a month. For a chair that bears your weight for the better part of a day, ensures you stay away from posture complications and brings a sense of comfort to your gaming, the least you can do is show it some love once in a while and help it serve you longer.…