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How to Maintain Your Gaming Chair

When it comes to gaming chairs, most gamers are more interested about the features they have to offer, the durability and the comfort. However, it is also important to note that while getting a good gaming chair is crucial, it also needs to be maintained and kept in crisp condition. Racer Gaming Chairs reached out to me recently about writing an article about the ways a gamer should maintain his gaming chair for maximum useage. Here’s their suggestions:

Regular dust down

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Most gamers use their chairs for virtually anything. You might even have brought a bag of chips to munch on as you game away. Crumbles and dust work themselves into the gaps and crevices inside the chair. A proper dust down at least once every week using a soft cloth or a soft cleaning brush should help you get rid of this and keep your chair clean.

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In some instances, your chair might need deeper cleansing especially when there are spills. If you are considering a deeper cleanse, the first thing you should do is consider the material that has been used to cover the chair. If your chair’s manual has a guide on the products that can be used for cleaning the material that is even better. Make sure that you only use cleaning products that are compatible with the material. If you are not conversant with parts that need to removed and replaced after, you don’t have to remove them.

Check the base

If you have a pedestal chair that has a swivel or wheels, those will need some love too. There is a lot of dust and debris that finds its way into the casters and as time passes and the debris builds, it gets harder and harder for the wheels to move.

First, you will need to manually remove any hair, clumps or dirt that you can see. You might need a pair of gloves. After this, you can use a vacuum with the appropriate attachments to blow out any dirt or dirt that you can’t remove with your hands. Once everything looks great, you can give the casters and swivel a quick spray with a lubricant to reduce wear and tear and improve on the movement.

Tighten bolts and screws

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With the constant movement, bolts and screws are bound to get lose. Without regular maintenance, they could fall of and ultimately render your gaming paradise useless. Every once in a while you need to pick up a screwdriver and wrench and check to see if there are any lose bolts or screws. If there are there, tighten them up.

Lucky for you, there is not much that is required when maintaining your chair. It has few removable parts and the maintenance and cleaning process will only take you a couple of minutes a month. For a chair that bears your weight for the better part of a day, ensures you stay away from posture complications and brings a sense of comfort to your gaming, the least you can do is show it some love once in a while and help it serve you longer.…

How to Make Painless Wax Even Less Painful

We should probably lead with this. The fact that they are referred to painless wax does not mean that you will not feel a thing when waxing. You will. But the thing is, the pain is significantly reduced. The amount of pain you feel when using painless wax is mainly dependent on the technique you use. More on that in another article. In this article however, we focus on tips that will help you reduce the pain of Brazilian waxing when using painless wax. Coupling these tips with your painless waxing method just might have you enjoy the experience all together.

Skip Coffee

We all love our coffee in the morning and there are very few things that we can skip it for. A Brazilian wax is right at the top of the list of things I could skip my caffeine for. The stimulants in the coffee cause your skin to be extra sensitive. That said, the morning of your Brazilian wax appointment, you should take decaf. Save the coffee for after the appointment.

Exfoliate a Few Days Prior

Sure the main goal of waxing is to get rid of unwanted hair. But in addition to this, the waxing process also exfoliates the skin. Be sure to have a body scrub two or one day before your waxing appointment. This will see to it that you do not have any extra dead skin that can make the waxing process less effective.

Get Numbing Cream

I should stress this. Do not use ice to numb the skin before waxing. Icing the skin will only tighten and close up the pores making the waxing process difficult. Instead, you should invest in numbing cream or about 30 minutes before the appointment to help dull the little pain you feel.

Go After Your Period

When your period comes to an end, your threshold for pain is at its highest. As such, you should plan the waxing appointment, or DIY after your period.

Take a Painkiller

Before you wax, you should take an aspirin or two. Also drink water. This way, when it is time to get your waxing, you will be fully prepped.

Soak in a Warm Bath

If time allows you, soak in a warm bath for 20 minutes. This should be before the appointment. The warm bath will work to open the pores as well as soften the hair. Soft hair translates into less pain.


This is by far the hardest thing to do when waxing. Somehow, most persons hold their breath in anticipation for the pain but this only works to amplify the pain felt. So rather than holding your breath and tensing up your body, try to take deep breaths. exhale a long breath right when the wax is being stripped off.

Ensure The Hair Is Of The Right Length

When hair is too short, the wax will not effectively pull out the hair. On the other hand, too long hairs need trimming first. You should try to have the hairs about ¼-inch long prior to waxing. Long hair can make painless waxing a hell of a lot painful.


With the above tips, you should be good to go enjoying your painless waxing. When everyone else s dreading their appointment, you will be looking forward to yours.…

How To Make Steampunk Bracelets Fit Your Daily Buddhist Lifestyle

Are you ready to integrate various steampunk accents right into your everyday Buddhist life? If you want to start feeling the genre in your real life, then maybe you should start by wearing steampunk bracelets into your daily style and fashion.

Why steampunk? Like traditional buddhists, steampunk rejects modernity and imagines a world where technology stopped evolving after the Industrial revolution.

Having a steampunk bracelet can be the easiest way for you to show your love for the genre. It is not anything too flashy, but it also isn’t too plain. With the right steampunk bracelet, you can easily integrate your love for the steampunk genre without doing anything too drastic.

How can you easily fit this new accessory for your daily style? Look at the tips that are listed below.

  1. Add a touch of the genre with a practical and usable steampunk wristwatch.

If steampunk wristwatches can be described in one word, I would use the word beautiful. This type of steampunk bracelet does not only add to your style, but it also adds some function to your accessory. This practical jewelry is also breathtaking.

There are many steampunk wristwatches that you can find both locally and online. If you browse through different wristwatches, then you will see how beautiful they all are. With the cogs and wheels as the accents, it gives you a fantastical and whimsical design.

  1. Find a steampunk bracelet that doesn’t look flashy but still fits the genre.

If you want to start small, then you can just look for a steampunk bracelet that doesn’t have very flashy characteristics. You may not be the type to have your wrist filled with intertwined cogs and wheels, but you may still want to integrate steampunk on your wrists.

If you are the person being described, then you can just find a bracelet that has minor steampunk accents. You may look for bracelets that have cog and wheels charm so that it can fit the style of the genre. You may also find a bracelet that has gear and wheel patterns as the clasp. This way, you will not catch too much attention, but you will still be able to show your love for steampunk.

  1. Choose a single base tone for your steampunk bracelet.

Whether you choose a flashy design or a simple one, the easiest way for you to integrate a steampunk bracelet into your daily style is by having a single-toned bracelet. By having a single tone, your bracelet will be able to fit well with any outfit that you have.

Since there are going to be metallic features for your steampunk bracelet, opt to find one single metal design. This way, it would have an easy time complementing your personal style.

Choose Anything You Want

No matter what, if you want to purchase a steampunk bracelet, your main tip is to find the one that you want. Even if you choose to wear a very flashy bracelet with attention-catching steampunk details, you can do it.

At the end of the day, you are the one wearing the bracelet. While it may be good to subdue the style so that others will not react, it is not necessary. Whether you want a flashy one or a simple one, the best tip in wearing a steampunk bracelet is your confidence.…

The Myths that Have Been Keeping You and Tibetan Rugs Away

In the current times, homeowners have been trying to get an edge by making sure that they look into more interesting themes to adopt. The intricate and repetitious nature of Tibetan décor has been a great inspiration for most. While getting the table designs and window carvings is a great challenge, the Tibetan rugs have been relatively easy to take up, and they make passing the idea on the kind of décor you’re trying to imitate. The best thing about Tibetan rugs is that they are unique, and their quality is unbeatable. However, a quick look at most of what the internet has to offer on these authentic rugs and you can see why they are not picking up. Here are a couple of the myths that surround Tibetan rugs a good number of which might be keeping you away from making the purchase.

They are made from Tibetan sheep wool

While it is true that the rugs are made from wool, it is not true that they are made from Tibetan wool. The myth comes from the fact that Tibet is located on a very high altitude and hence the sheep in the locality have to develop a nice thick wool to be able to protect themselves from the biting weather. However, a great majority of these rugs are made from Nepal. They are made from wool harvested from Nepal sheep which is quite good as well. At least, most of them and those that have the best quality are.

The rugs are made by Tibetan Refugees

Well, this what most people would think but not only would this be illegal but also inhuman and perhaps the reason most people don’t like buying the rugs. However, it is yet another inaccurate piece of information. In actual sense, the rugs are made by Nepal residents. The only thing that would be closely true in this case would be the fact that most factories use unskilled worker to make the rugs. This is because, the rugs have a simple and modern design, and this provides employment to the larger unskilled workforce in the country.

More knots better tile and rug

Perhaps you are finding it hard to make another purchase because your first one was not the best experience? Here is something that could have gone wrong. Ideally, most Tibetan rugs are made with three different types of knots per inch. The 60 and 80 knots per inch class has the use of a thicker thread resulting in a better and thicker tile while the 100 knots per inch class uses a thinner thread. While the latter can have a more detailed finish, it ends up with a thinner tile. If you want a thicker tile, you should go for a lesser number of knots.

There are hordes of other myths that surround Tibetan rugs. From the differences between hand woven and machine woven wool all the way to Tibetan rugs developing a shiny glimmer over the years, the list is endless. However, you should know that the only thing unique about Tibetan rugs is their quality and their stunning looks. The feel good under your feet and look even better in your décor. Just make sure that you have the facts right, and you will love what the rugs have to offer.…

Furnish Your Backyard!

More and more people are turning their backyards into usable living space. Why? The answer is fairly simple—being outdoors is fun! Also, in many homes there may be more entertainment space in the yard than there is in the “public” area of the house, so making the best use of it only makes sense. Even apartment and condo dwellers are dressing up their patios and balconies, both for their own use and as an extension of their living space. As a result, the outdoor furniture industry is growing by leaps and bounds, providing options to suit just about everyone.


Your backyard can easily expand the living space in your home. You and your family can be outdoors to enjoy not just barbecue but also playing games, watching TV and movies, and entertaining friends. However, it can seem like a daunting task to figure out how to turn your yard into an entertainment haven. With some research and the right furnishings, you can make a comfortable and affordable area that suits your life and style.

Modern outdoor furniture is fashionable, comfortable, and durable. It’s available in various types of materials, colors, and styles.  You must first consider what your major purpose is in furnishing the backyard. Will it be used for family or parties, children or mostly adults, cooking/dining or hanging out? Once you know what you need, you can start choosing the furnishings to achieve your backyard transformation goal.

How much maintenance do you want to put into keeping your yard furniture looking modern-patio-furniture-and-outdoor-furnituregood? You need to choose your material accordingly. All are built to withstand the weather, but wicker, teak, and metal have different cleaning requirements. Before you make an investment that you’ll live with for years, find out what you need to do to maintain it and how often. Then you’ll choose your furniture. You can get a coordinated collection or you can mix and match what you like. There’s an astounding array of choices in modern outdoor furniture. From dining tables that can seat twelve to cozy 2-person bistro tables, armchairs, sling chairs, swings and swivels, end tables and ottomans, beanbags and sofas—what you choose and how much is up to you.  Even most of the new cushions and pillows are built to withstand the elements without getting soggy.

There are a few more outdoor touches that are currently gaining in popularity. If you have a covered area, think about installing a ceiling fan or TV. Both can really rev up not just the style but the usefulness of your space. Outdoor kitchens are being seen more and more as well, as are full outdoor bars for entertaining. The last, but certainly not the least, is the outdoor fireplace or fire pit. These provide heat which can extend the seasonal usage of your outdoor space amazingly, and they evoke old memories of sitting around a campfire— being able to safely toast marshmallows is also a big plus for young and old alike!…


According to its statutes the Association SOLIDARITY TIBET, no longer exists since 02 April 2010. Unfortunately, the situation in Tibet is not resolved. The Tibetan people still need our support and we will continue to support it. The only difference between yesterday and tomorrow will be that our commitment will be through means other than the SOLIDARITY TIBET association.
For actions taken by SOLIDARITY TIBET and the petition for the Panchen Lama among others, we passed the baton to the association STUDENTS FOR A FREE TIBET of Paris.
You can contact them on

Under the bylaws, an Extraordinary General Assembly was requested by the President and the entire Board of Directors.
The President opened the meeting at 21:30.
It outlines the various questions raised by the entire Board on the future of the association or not.
– The existence of the association for 14 years
– The difficulty of renewing the Board of Directors with new people
– The feeling of having done what seemed possible within the means, desires and possibilities of the association.

Following various exchanges with the meeting, the President proposes to dissolve the Tibet Solidarity association.
Voting is by secret ballot.
– 13 voting – yes 13 – 0 non – 0 abstention
Dissolution is carried unanimously.…