Furnish Your Backyard!

More and more people are turning their backyards into usable living space. Why? The answer is fairly simple—being outdoors is fun! Also, in many homes there may be more entertainment space in the yard than there is in the “public” area of the house, so making the best use of it only makes sense. Even apartment and condo dwellers are dressing up their patios and balconies, both for their own use and as an extension of their living space. As a result, the outdoor furniture industry is growing by leaps and bounds, providing options to suit just about everyone.


Your backyard can easily expand the living space in your home. You and your family can be outdoors to enjoy not just barbecue but also playing games, watching TV and movies, and entertaining friends. However, it can seem like a daunting task to figure out how to turn your yard into an entertainment haven. With some research and the right furnishings, you can make a comfortable and affordable area that suits your life and style.

Modern outdoor furniture is fashionable, comfortable, and durable. It’s available in various types of materials, colors, and styles.  You must first consider what your major purpose is in furnishing the backyard. Will it be used for family or parties, children or mostly adults, cooking/dining or hanging out? Once you know what you need, you can start choosing the furnishings to achieve your backyard transformation goal.

How much maintenance do you want to put into keeping your yard furniture looking modern-patio-furniture-and-outdoor-furnituregood? You need to choose your material accordingly. All are built to withstand the weather, but wicker, teak, and metal have different cleaning requirements. Before you make an investment that you’ll live with for years, find out what you need to do to maintain it and how often. Then you’ll choose your furniture. You can get a coordinated collection or you can mix and match what you like. There’s an astounding array of choices in modern outdoor furniture. From dining tables that can seat twelve to cozy 2-person bistro tables, armchairs, sling chairs, swings and swivels, end tables and ottomans, beanbags and sofas—what you choose and how much is up to you.  Even most of the new cushions and pillows are built to withstand the elements without getting soggy.

There are a few more outdoor touches that are currently gaining in popularity. If you have a covered area, think about installing a ceiling fan or TV. Both can really rev up not just the style but the usefulness of your space. Outdoor kitchens are being seen more and more as well, as are full outdoor bars for entertaining. The last, but certainly not the least, is the outdoor fireplace or fire pit. These provide heat which can extend the seasonal usage of your outdoor space amazingly, and they evoke old memories of sitting around a campfire— being able to safely toast marshmallows is also a big plus for young and old alike!

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